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Staying Afloat

Clearly, from my lack of posts, staying afloat hasn’t been the easiest.

Between my 20 credit course load, my apartment that is currently covered in mold (yep..), opera rehearsals every night, and preparing for a few summer program auditions, I feel like I’ve been going and going nonstop. With a lot of help from my best friends, N+N, & venti iced chai tea latte, it hasn’t been all that bad. ♥

More than anything, even more so than my daily latte, I would not be here without my planner. I cannot stress how important it is to have a planner to stay on top of things. I write in mine daily and don’t even think about leaving the house without it.

This semester, I’m using The Simplified Planner by Emily Ley.

The Simplified Planner in Thin Happy Stripe, Daily Edition

Emily Ley is a mom of three whose mission in creating The Simplified Planner was to inspire and empower women with the tools they need to simplify their lives. With so much going on this semester, I knew I needed something different to help me stay on track. When picking out a Simplified Planner, you can choose between a weekly version or daily version. Personally, I love the daily because I can pencil in everything I need to do by the hour. This is perfect for scheduling in practice times, lesson times, opera rehearsals, my regular class schedule + sometimes a spontaneous coffee date. If you’re like me, there’s absolutely nothing more satisfying than writing in an agenda and getting that feeling of being on top of things!

The problem… you actually need to be organized and be on top of things for it to work.

I’m not going to lie, sometimes I find myself writing the same thing on my to do list for a week straight until I gather my thoughts on Sunday and finally get it done. I’m still working on it, but I’m so much better off with The Simplified Planner. As cheesy as it sounds, it really has been making my life simpler. My favorite part of The Simplified Planner is the planning pages! There’s room to reflect on what worked last year, what didn’t work last year, ideas for new routines/healthy habits, and my personal favorite, a yearly bucket list! It just makes starting a new agenda feel like a complete fresh start. If you’re looking for that New Years Eve refresh button feeling, The Simplified Planner does just that!

I’m still a bit of a mess, but my planner helps me feel like I’ve got my life semi-under control.

Today is my own personal fresh start and I am completely dedicated in making a lifestyle change to stay more on top of things, exercise/meditate more, practice even more, and schedule in more time for a social life! I’m looking forward to scheduling in writing time and spending more time on me.

If you’re looking to get organized this semester and start fresh, use the link here for a $10 off coupon!