The Sunday Scoop

Welcome to The Sunday Scoop! Sundays are possibly my favorite day of the week. Regardless of whether or not I’m dreading Monday, Sundays are a great catch up day to reflect on the past week while also preparing for a new one!

The Sunday Scoop is going to be a few of my favorite things from the week and maybe a few things I’m looking forward to. I really wanted to have a weekly post that could act as my virtual cork board where I can pin as many things as I like, regardless of whether or not they go together. I seriously may have just described the whole point behind Pinterest, but you get my point!

I am so looking forward to these posts every week and hope you will too!

  1. Ballet Now – I have been watching way more Hulu than Netflix lately. I’m seriously obsessed with Desperate Housewives, and it’s all B’s fault but ANYWAYS – I decided to switch it up and try watching something new the other day and I’m so glad I did! Ballet has always fascinated me and I would be lying if I said my biggest regret in life isn’t quitting ballet. This documentary follows Peck, an exceptionally talented dancer, who is now stepping into the role as director for a big perfomance while also dancing in a few ensembles as well. If I’m being completely honest, the documentary was just her running around being stressed the whole time about how much she has to do. It was nice seeing all the background nuts and bolts that went into putting on the production, but it got a little tiresome after a while. Regardless, if you love ballet, you will enjoy this documentary. If not, it’s still a good light watch (kind of like a light read book, eh?) It’s definitely something I’d recommend putting on while cleaning your room or folding laundry. The best part of the whole documentary is being able to see each dance come together at the end. I’ve got to say, this documentary had me seriously wishing they would do a Metropolitan Opera version of this! We all can guess what it’s like backstage before an opera: hair, makeup, last minute notes, etc. but I think it would be amazing if they shot a documentary similar to Ballet Now. Would anyone else watch that!?
  2. Ballet Slippers – Seems like I have a theme to this post, huh? Not really, because I’m actually talking about Essie Nail polish’s classic shade, Ballet Slippers. I’ve been wearing it so much lately! It’s such a classic shade. I found out that Essie’s Ballet Slippers is one of their best sellers and the royal family’s favorite shade! According to multiple sources, the Queen herself has been wearing it for 28 y e a r s. What?! It’s such a safe and classic shade so I can totally see why she loves it – I do too! I usually wear a nude on my nails during the week unless I decide I need a pop of color for a specific outfit, but wow – Ballet Slippers has seriously become my newest fav! I’m hooked!
  3. Clear Onion Soup – This is my absolute favorite soup right now! It’s such a great soup for summer and absolutely delicious. I’m going to try to make it from this youtube video later this week!
  4. Glitter and Be Gay – Chautauqua Opera Company just closed it’s 2018 production of Candide and obviously this is every soprano’s favorite aria (or at least one of them)! I recently used this aria to teach my students about conducting and they thought it was so fun! Two boys in the back couldn’t stop singing it at the end of my lesson – it was so cute! I know everything loves Kristin Chenoweth’s version, but I love Diana Damrau’s interpretation! Her portrayal of Cunégonde is by far my favorite. She brings so much fun and light to this character without the use of props and I LOVE it!
  5. Cookie Monster – I tried a new flavor of ice cream at Big Dipper this weekend and it was delicious! As you all know, I love ice cream, but I usually stick to a chocolate peanut butter of some sort or cotton candy. I’m trying to branch out more, which resulted in me ordering that insanely blue ice cream you see above! Next week I’m trying Blueberry Cheesecake!

Here’s to a great week!