My Summer Reading List

With summer finally here, I’ve decided I want to take the opportunity to try to read more books this summer! I usually go through drastic spurts in my reading where I either read a bunch at a very fast pace or I don’t read at all. This summer I really want to make reading a habit and make it a part of my everyday schedule.

My goal is to read six books this summer. If I’m lucky, I’ll get to read them all!

Summer 2018 Reading List:

  1. When Breath Becomes Air – Finished! This book is not something I would have normally taken off the shelves, but I had seen a lot of positive reviews so I figured I would give it a try! It’s definitely a heavy read. The author wrote this book after he was diagnosed with lung cancer. He spends most of the book talking about his story and his journey to find the meaning of life. This book really put things into perspective for me and really allowed me to figure out what matters most in life.
  2. Something Borrowed – *Currently Reading! Thanks Eileen for the recommendation!
  3. Something Blue – pt. 2 and continuation of Something Borrowed…
  4. The French Girl  If you love mystery thriller novels, read this!! It sounds so good and I absolutely cannot wait to start reading it!
  5. The Female Persuasion – Carly recently recommended this book in her blog post.
  6. Educated – This sounds so good – seriously. This book is a memoir about a young girl who doesn’t step into a school until she is 17 because her family is opposed to public education. Eventually, she leaves her family and does on to eventually earn a PhD.
  7. Room – I have wanted to read this book for years! It’s another heavy read and narrated completely by a five-year-old, Jack. I have heard nothing but incredible things about this book.
  8. Modern Lovers, The Ensemble, and Commonwealth – These are just a few easy and fun reads I’ve picked out if I finish all the books above!

Confession: the first book series I really got into was *drumroll* … TwilightYes. Unfortunately, it was Twilight, but at the time I was sooo into it and thought nothing could beat it!

What was the first book you really dove into? Let me know in the comments below!

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Thanks for reading!