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Staying Afloat

Clearly, from my lack of posts, staying afloat hasn’t been the easiest. Between my 20 credit course load, my apartment that is currently covered in mold (yep..), opera rehearsals every night, and preparing for a few summer program auditions, I feel like I’ve been going and going nonstop. With a lot of help from my best friends, N+N, & venti…

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A New Rose: Officially A Sister

Ever since I began my college career, I knew I wanted to be in a sorority. When someone thinks of greek life, they almost always associate it with the social aspect of going out and partying, but that really never interested me. For me, I admired the idea of sisterhood and truly loved the idea of having a forever support…

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Memorization Tips + Tricks

If you’re a music major, you know that juries are just right around the corner! I’m currently in the process of cleaning up a few pieces and I still have two pieces that need a lot of work (Yikes!) There’s been a lot a lot on my plate, but I’m ready to put in the extra effort! Whenever I’m learning…

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